Our Mission

To empower our fellow Canadians to fully realize their creativity.

Pressing Images is proud to serve Canadians through our online presence located out of Calgary/Okotoks, AB. Our goal is to provide a unique experience for each of our clients, whether they are purchasing for their business or for their own personal crafting. We carry a selection of the best products and feature some of the newest trends in the market. 

We started off as crafters and became tired of not getting the same products that our US neighbours were getting, and increasingly frustrated with the astronomical shipping prices.  We could not find a quality Canadian distributor of both equipment and supplies that we could rely on.  They didn’t appreciate the little guy or our questions.  We knew, we could do customer service better than anyone else.  So, we created Pressing Images to supply Canadians with quality products at a good price without the outrageous shipping costs and duties from another county. 

We have personally tried all our products and get excited about them and the joy it creates for others.  Pressing Images really wants our customers to succeed; we enjoy explaining how to use our products and encourage you to reach out if you need any assistance or have questions.

We understand that you can go online and find the latest and greatest deal, but we provide more than just a transaction where you gamble on receiving the product and its condition. We are here to serve our customers and to help you grow by providing business accounts and supplies at affordable prices. Our business is about the relationships we build, the communities we serve and not single transactions.

If there are products you would like to see us carry please let us know.  We will be happy to find the best quality at the more affordable price for you. We strive to be your one stop shop.  

Like us, some create for friends and family, while others have found that their creations have provided additional income or have empowered them to make a living and have more time for the things that really matter. Creating, providing for your family and spending quality time with those that you love, a trio that cannot be achieved sitting in rush hour traffic.

Sometimes it is about finding your passion, and we want to support those things that inspire you to design such wonderful creations.

If you can create the life you love and find your passion, you will never work another day in your life.

This is exactly the reason we do what we do, and we hope it shows.




Andy "El PRESIDENTE" Mather