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We Print you Press!

These listings are NOT digital files! This listing is a SUBLIMATION TRANSFER or VINYL DECAL ONLY and will be mailed to you as a physical product.  

**All designs are custom printed on demand & there is a minimum 1-2 business day turnaround time.**


Clear Vinyl Decals are cut and ready to use! (see bottom of page for use instructions)

Any white on design will be clear- void of color (it does not print white ink)

3 sizes available 

1- 1.25 inch

2- 2.5 inch

3- 3.5 inch

Sublimation Transfers


Sublimation transfers do NOT print white ink, ideally it should be pressed on light or white textiles/products.

For best results use 100% polyester fabric or substrates pre-coated for sublimation.

Sizing- Measurements are proportionally sized by the longest side to look the best.  

Please measure your item before choosing a size.

All Sublimation Transfers are printed Mirrored

We offer all our sublimation transfers in the following sizes (the longest side of the design)

3”x3” (set of 6)

Suitable for

  • 11oz Ceramic Mugs
  • 12oz glossy and matte coffee
  • 12oz hydro sport
  • 12oz kids cups
  • 12oz white and colored wine
  • 12oz soda can
  • 12oz white and colored sippy
  • 12oz lowball
  • 14oz travel mug
  • 15oz tall enamel camp cup
  • 17oz tea mug
  • 17oz mason tumbler
  • can cooler

3.5”x3” (set of 6)

Suitable for

  • 15oz Ceramic Mugs
  • 16oz wine

4”x3.5” (set of 4)

Suitable for

  • All Skinny tumblers
  • 17oz glass water bottle
  • 17oz soda can
  • 17oz cola water bottle
  • 17oz tea infuser
  • 18oz coffee
  • 22oz fatty tumbler
  • 25oz water bottle
  • 25oz and 32oz hydro sport

6” (set of 2)

Suitable for

  • Tea Towels

Infant 4”

Toddler 7-8”

Youth 9”

Adult 11”

XXL Adult 12”


We do not offer any refunds, returns, or exchanges on sublimation transfers or vinyl decals. You are responsible for using the correct equipment, materials and pressing times/temp based on your equipment prior to pressing your transfer. Please understand any user errors are your responsibility. We are unable to refund/reship transfers due to user error.

** It is always a good idea to inspect all transfers and/or products before application and trimming around your design is the best method to avoid unwanted lines/issues.**

Typical Application Instructions for apparel: (these are recommendations based on our experience, results may vary due to factors unique to every situation)

  • Set heat press temperature on heat press to 400 degrees F.
  • Set timer to 45-55 seconds.
  • Pre-press shirt for 15 seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles. Lint roll shirt again.
  • Place paper face down on garment. Again, the item needs to be at least 65% polyester (more vintage look) but preferably 100% polyester and white or light color fabric.
  • Press at 400 degrees F for 45-55 seconds with medium pressure
  • Remove paper immediately and peel hot. Allow item to cool.

Clear Decals 

Dry Method:

  • Make sure surface is smooth, and clean. Peel clear decal from white backing. 
  • Position print on tumbler or desired surface.
  • Work from the center to the outside edges, pressing firmly onto tumbler confirming all air bubbles are removed. (if you find small air bubbles you can pop with a pin and smooth)
  • No sealing or prep is required!
  • Epoxy as usual

Wet Method: 

Solution Recipe: Fill empty spray bottle with water. Add ONE drop Dawn dish soap. Shake.
Make sure work surface is clean and smooth. Peel clear decal from white backing. - Spritz back of print and tumbler, or chosen surface with clear cast solution. 

  • Position print on tumbler.
  • Work from the center to the outside edges, using FIRM pressure, smooth pushing all excess water out. Dry with a soft paper towel removing all air bubbles and moisture.
  • No sealing or prep is required!
  • Epoxy as usual

Decals will be cut in a square/rectangle. We highly recommend cutting around decal loosely to help blend all the edges.

We have purchased these designs from designers directly and to our knowledge are not trademarked however, due to the increased frequency of trademark registration applications and infringement allegations, you are solely responsible for determining if any designs are trademarked or have any legal limitations for your intended usage.

    1103 products
    She Wore Her Scars as her Best Attire
    from $1.25
    Sarcasm is just One of the services I Offer
    from $1.25
    I Become more Awesome With Every Glass
    from $1.25
    Good Morning Fkrs Let the Shitshow Begin
    from $1.25
    Drink in my Hand
    from $1.25
    Cute and Batshit Crazy
    from $1.25
    Due to Inflation I can no longer afford to GAF
    from $1.25
    No Use Crying Over Spilled Tea
    from $1.25
    Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone Else's Cloud
    from $1.25
    Though my Petals May Be Worn
    from $1.25
    Oh Kraken 2
    from $1.25
    Somewhere Between Proverbs 31 and Beth
    from $1.25
    If You Can't Look On The Bright Side
    from $1.25
    You are More Powerful than you know
    from $1.25
    Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right
    from $1.25
    Proud Member of the Booted and Blocked Club B&W
    from $1.25
    Proud Member of the Booted and Blocked Club Colour
    from $1.25
    There is much Beauty in Darkness
    from $1.25
    I am Protected by Energy
    from $1.25
    Beautifully Broken 3
    from $1.25
    Beautifully Broken 2
    from $1.25
    Beautifully Broken 1
    from $1.25
    Oh Kraken 1
    from $1.25
    Underestimate Me at your own risk
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4078 Volleyball mama
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4077 T Ball mama black white
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4076 T Ball mama
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4075 Softball mama black white
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4074 Softball mama
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4073 Soccer mama black white
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4072 Soccer mama
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4071 Football mama black white
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4070 Football mama
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4069 Basketball mama black white
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4068 Basketball mama
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4067 Baseball mama black white
    from $1.25
    Decal: 4066 Baseball Mama
    from $1.25
    Decal: 2018 Your Opinion
    from $1.25
    Decal: 2017 Young at heart
    from $1.25
    Decal: 2016 You Are Worthy
    from $1.25
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