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    Pressing Images uses the highest quality of 1/8" thick (3mm) CLEAR CAST acrylic. CLEAR CAST acrylic is a strong, long-lasting, high-quality material that is very durable. It is also resistant to impact, making it less likely to break or shatter compared to other forms of acrylic. Our Pressing Images acrylic has a smooth surface that is perfect for personalization. Whether you are using vinyl, resin, sublimation, or other decorating techniques, the finished product will have a professional and clean look.

    All acrylic blanks are shipped with a protective brown paper film on both sides to ensure the blanks arrive in good condition. Simply lift and peel off the paper before starting any decorating or customization.

    All acrylics are listed in approx 2" sizes based on the longest side of the blank unless otherwise stated (ie.  Bookmarks and motel keys)

    • ACRYLIC & DECAL SET - will come with a physical acrylic blank and matching in-house printed decal (no design files are included)
    • ACRYLIC & SVG SET- will come with a physical acrylic blank and a matching SVG cut file will be emailed. (files are not to be shared or used in any other way)

    Each set will have 2 choices:

    • with a hole (for keychains, ornaments etc)
    • without a hole (for badge reels, magnets etc)

    *** ALL SALES ARE FINAL- Please make sure you order what you need at the time, we will not allow for cancellations or exchanges. ***

    545 products
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