DTF: Direct To Film

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    What is DTF?

    DTF (Direct To Film) transfers are heat transfers that allow for vibrant full-color printing.

    How it works

    DTF is a technique that prints a design directly onto a special film that allows you to press on any colored garment.

    • Low-temperature application of 295- 315° F
    • Prepress Garment for 5 secs to remove moisture
    • Position DTF on Garment
    • Press for 20sec heavy pressure
    • Hot Peel - Cool Peel
    • Place parchment paper over the image and press again for 10-15 secs
    • Excellent stretchability and durability
    • Smooth, matte finish
    • Extremely versatile, can be applied to nearly any fabric  (100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/poly blends, tri-blends, mesh, canvas, etc)
      1223 products
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