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All CrystaLac products are considered to be a safe alternative to epoxy. They are considered safe to use- even indoors.   No mixing or toxic fumes are thought to be released.  

Protection is definitely needed if you are sanding or spraying the products. In that case, a mask is definitely recommended. CrystaLac has been making coatings for almost 40 years and is a safe alternative to epoxy. 

Pressing Images would like you to err on the side of caution and we always recommend the use of personal protection (masks and gloves) when using any type of coatings.

Brite Tone Glossy CrystaLac from $28.99
Fruit & Misc Toppers Pressing Images $1.50 $2.05
Glitter Glue CrystaLac from $9.49

Universal White CrystaLac from $16.99
Acrylic Lid Topper Pressing Images from $1.50
Extreme Protection CrystaLac from $18.65

Acrylic Blanks Pressing Images from $1.05

Irregular Ice Pressing Images $5.65
Black Gloss CrystaLac Sold Out

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