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If you are like us the choice of vinyl can be overwhelming.  Where do you begin when it comes to understanding the different types of vinyl, their adhesives and their usages? Suppliers do not always provide you with the technicalities of the vinyl they're selling you. (or the correct information) 

We have noticed that far as some suppliers are concerned, small businesses and crafters do not need to know the specifics and often send you the cheapest type of vinyl (monomeric) available. If you're anything like me, you want to know what you're spending your hard earned money on is quality, will stand the test of time, cut beautifully, weed easily and transfer without issue.  This is particularly important if you're running your own business where quality and time is of the essence. 

The Specifics 

​The vinyl we use at Pressing Images is primarily manufactured for sign writing.  There are many manufacturers out there - Ritrama, Avery, Orafol to name just a few but all produce two types of vinyl - Calendared and Cast.   Calendared vinyl is made from PVC that has been made soft, pliable and is rolled out, whereas cast vinyl is liquid that has been poured.

​There are two types of calendared vinyl - Monomeric and Polymeric.  Monomeric has shorter polymers and a shorter life span, typically 2 - 5 years and more likely to peel or shrink over its lifetime.  Polymeric that has longer polymers and a longer life span, typically 5 - 7 years and is less likely to peel or shrink over its lifetime.   With a cast vinyl, you can expect between 5 - 10 years life span and it has the best resistance to peeling or shrinkage.​

 After a lot of leg work, trial and error, we have come to a simple conclusion.  Orafol vinyl is one of the best quality vinyl on the market. We stock primarily Oracal 651 and 631 vinyls.   You will find that we outline the type of vinyl film within the product description and also provide more technical information within those descriptions.  This should help eliminate any guess work on your behalf and make the choice so much easier.  We also are carrying Siser HTV now too!  Enjoy!

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